Autism in children: Why and how?

Autism in children: Why and how?

Autism in children: Why and how?

Autism in children: Why and how?

What is autism?

All we know that about the term of the autism. As we know autism is a mental disorder which is present from early childhood, in this condition a small child cannot show the normal activities as other children. Difficult in communicating and forming in relation to others. Suppose a child is under 5 you make him laugh, he starting laughing, you make him cry he cries if baby does these things it’s a normal baby but when you start laugh he cannot do any reaction its autism baby.

Why autism in Children?

There is no specific reason for this. But some cases if the mother has a thyroid in pregnancy, such a disorder may lead to childbirth. Some have said that the bad environment and wrong lifestyle are the reasons.

What type of Children has Autism?

These type of children has to get the chance of autism:

  1. Compared to a girl, the boy is more likely to have Autism problem.
  2. If the baby born 26 weeks before the prescribed time, there is a danger of autism.
  3. In the family member if one baby has autism then another child can repeat the same problem.
  4. If the mother has thyroid in pregnancy, there may be autism in children.

What is the treatment?

Every couple wants their baby should be strong, smart. However, sometimes mentally and physically infected baby too. Therefore, a child with Autism may also be born. Such types of children cannot be fully healed by treatment. Although normal behavior can be gradually improved to improve their weaknesses. There is some way like speech therapy, motor skills which can help to behave normal behavior.

What is a motor skill?

Motor skills are those skills that a normal baby does like crawling running, jumping.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy also is one type of therapy. If the baby suffering from autism it can be given. If the baby has a speech disability like a baby cannot pronounce the word. If he has faced that type of problem speech therapy is one of the best ideas to build pronouncing power in children. Basically, autism children cannot able to talk and pronounce the word, so it may be one method to develop the speech skills for autism children.


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