Computer operator asked question in 2073

Computer operator asked question in 2073

Computer operator asked question in 2073

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1. Which command is used to display all the files having(.exe) Extension but the different file name?

  1. Dir * .ext
  2. Dir file name. *
  3. Filename.ext Dir
  4. *.sys Dir

2. CHKDSK command is used to: 

  1. Report the status of files on disk
  2. Analyze the hard disk error
  3. Diagnose the hard disk error
  4. All of the above

3. Which command is used to change the file name?

  1. Ren
  2. Rename
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of the above

4. Which among the following are the best tools for fixing errors on disk?

  1. Fixdsk
  2. Scandisk
  3. Fdisk

5. The F12 opens a:

  1. Close dialog box
  2. Save as dialog box
  3. Open dialog box
  4. Save dialog box

6. Which files start MS word?

  1. Word2003.exe
  2. Word.exe
  3. Winword.exe
  4. Msword.exe

7. To invoke help in MS window one has to use:

  1. F4
  2. F1
  3. F2
  4. F3

8. Which of the following is not a valid view type in ms word?

  1. Print layout
  2. Web layout
  3. Outline layout
  4. Inline layout

9. The key combination used for UNDO in ms word is:

  1. CTRL+U
  2. CTRL+Z
  3. CTRL+Y
  4. CTRL+V

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10. The shortcut key to justifying text to center:

  1. Ctrl+E
  2. CTRL+A
  3. CTRL+Z
  4. CTRL+C

11. Which of the following is an example of automatic text formatting?

  1. Replacing two -‘s with a hyphen
  2. Underlining hyperlink
  3. Adjusting extra space
  4. All of the above

12. The feature that enables serval people to work to create and upload a document?

  1. Protection Document
  2. Sharing Document
  3.  Locking Document
  4. Document collaboration 

13. If you want to keep track of different editions of a document which feature will you use:

  1.  Editions
  2. Track change
  3. Versions
  4. All of the above

14. To underline the selected text you can use:

  1. TAB+U
  2. CTRL+U
  3. ALT+U
  4. SHIFT+U

15. What is the portion of the document in which you set certain page formatting option as default?

  1. Page setup
  2. Page
  3. Document
  4. Sections

16. Which of the following is not a type of page margins?

  1. Top
  2. Left
  3. Right
  4. Center

17. You can break the column by:

  1. Pressing Alt+enter
  2. Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

18. A feature of Ms word that saves the document automatically  after certain interval is available on:

  1. Pressing ctrl+s
  2. Save tab on the options dialog box
  3. Save as dialog box
  4. None of the above

19. Excel uniquely identifies cells within a worksheet with a cell name which is a :

  1. Numbers
  2. Cell names
  3. The columns number and row letters
  4. Column letter and row number

20. Which symbol must all formula begins with:

  1. @
  2. =
  3. +

21. Getting data from a cell located on a different sheet is called:

  1. Functioning
  2. Referencing
  3. Accessing
  4. Updating

22. To autofit with the width of the column:

  1. Click the column of the header
  2. Double click on the right border of the column
  3. Click the left border of the column

23. A circular reference is:

  1. A formula that either directly or indirectly depend on itself.
  2. Geometric modeling tool
  3. A cell that points to a drawing object.
  4. Always erroneous

24. To add the number of cells A2 and A9

  1. =sum(A2,A9)
  2. =ADD(A2: A9)
  3. =SUM(A2 AND A9)
  4. =SUM(A2 TO A9)

25. Absolute references to cell A3 is expressed as:

  1. @A$3
  2. A$3
  3. @A3
  4. A$3$

26. You want to track the progress of the stock market on a daily basis. Which type of chart should you use?

  1. Column chart
  2. Pie chart
  3. Row chart
  4. Line chart

27. MS-Excel files have a default  extension of :

  1. .XLS
  2. .XSL
  3.  .DOC
  4.  .XLW

28. Which of the following formula is not entered correctly?

  1.   10+50
  2. =10+50
  3. =B7*B1
  4. =B7+14

29. IF You press…….., The cells accept your typing as its contents.

  1. Insert
  2. CTRL+enter
  3. Enter
  4. TAB

30. You can print:

  1. A single worksheet
  2. A range of cell by range name
  3. An entire worksheet
  4. All of the above

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