Cyber Attack on NASA,data stolen from a $ 25 computer?

Cyber Attack on NASA

Cyber Attack on NASA

Data have stolen from a $ 25 computer. Space-based organization NASA data was stolen from a 25$ worth of computer. The data was leaked from NASA jet propulsion laboratory. It has also revealed that 500 megabytes data is stolen. Those data from the various 23 files have stoles. Cyber Attack on NASA,data stolen from a $ 25 computer

It has not come to know that the cyber attack on NASA has been identified. The sequence of such cyber attacks on the last time has increased in NASA. During the Cyber Invasion last year, some of the sensitive data leaks by NASA. The interesting fact is that the Raspberry Pi computing system uses in the last cyber attack on NASA. Which is only worth 25$ to 30$ only.

How data stole?

The size of the Raspberry Pi computer is like a credit card. According to news hackers got success to stole data from cheap Pi computer system related to some important missionaries. There are data related to NASA curiosity robot, robot such as cars running on Mars.Cyber Attack on NASA,data stolen from a $ 25 computer

Also, the hackers have also been able to attack JPL Network and also hand over the data of NASPP’s DIP space network. The account compromised by a hacker used a Raspberry Pi to achieve unauthorized access to the JPL network. The wrongdoer then took advantage of the weaknesses within the laboratory’s network to stay unobserved for ten months, stealing twenty-three files within the method. Two of those files contained info on International Traffic in Arms laws, that controls the transfer of military and space-related technology, associated with the Mars lab Mission.

The breach was thus widespread that the Johnson house Center, that is liable for programs like the International space platform, disconnected from the entree. The house center’s officers involve that the hacker may well be able to go in their mission systems, which can provide the wrongdoer the flexibility to send malicious signals to human space flight missions.

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