Excessively serve food lead to early expiry

Excessively serve food

Excessively serve food

Today peoples eat fast food and these food are easily found in the hotel restaurant. Researcher founds people who eat a lot of excessively serve food lead to early expiry and with the poor health too.  Researchers found the number of people who eat excessively serve food in France and Spain.

What are the Excessively serve food?

Firstly we talk about non-excessive food: Non-excessive food is vegetable, milk product, such as grains, meat, etc. these food are real benefits for human health.

Secondly, We talk about the serve food: serve food are those food which is produced by an industry. By additional use of salt sugar oil and make them long-lasting, tasty. Beer, Bacon, homemade bread, etc.

Thirdly, The excessively serve food: Foods which are made up to 5 ingredients with excessive color oil are the excessive serve food. study shows that who eats more excessive serve food has worse health than non-excessive food.

How Excessive serve food damages us?Excessively serve food

All studies say” These food were very bad for health”.  foods are very tasty and it makes eating more, due to eats more it cause the problem of fatness. In this type of food, there is more energy but less nutrition, protein, and fiver. people eat more than non-excessive food. The University of Navarra studies finds the death rate is 335 even in a single year this rate increased in the future.  Rate of heart disease increases 277 per lakh people. it also leads to cancer and other dreadful diseases which may cause early death. The study also found that those who eat this type of food has some bad habits like smoking drinking.

Now, What to do?

You have to change your lifestyle to get serious about food. This simple mistake leads you dangerous disease, also it may lead you to death. Excessively serve food

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