Gaming disorder Problem In children!

Gaming disorder Problem

Gaming disorder Problem

Gaming disorder Problem In children

What are your children problem?

They can’t eat in time, they don’t have weight according to their height, They don’t eat fruits, or they are greedy about junk food, and they do not blend with their friends. although these problems are very common. every parent suffers from these children problem. but here is the Gaming disorder problem in children.

What is Gaming disorder problem In children?

Today ever parents gave mobile phones to their children when they angry, sad, and however, they don’t do their works properly. The parents promise that they give phones after they complete their task or work. This habit of the parents may lead children to gaming disorder. They don’t want to go out and don’t want to play outside. they besmeared in mobile gaming and They do not want to come out of there. That’s why the world health organization declared this is a mental illness. When children get such a problem, they leave to sleep. Physical activity is not active. Catering starts becoming irregular. They want to escape from family and social life.

How to get rid of the Gaming disorder Problem?

Now, We jumped to its solution. to get rid children from gaming disorder parents should play a vital role. Parents are the best and the first teacher of the children. first parents ignored giving mobile to their children. Parents must not tell children if they completed their homework or any other activity, they give phone. In order to say this Say,”I will take you outside, I will take you to visit a new place” like this. like these activities, your children mentality develops as a social human being. Your children get the chance to see social activities. became a good and honest person, they learn that respect the elder and love the small. Not only this their mental health and physical health couldn’t be disturbed.

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