Google’s social network ‘Google Plus’ is off?

Google's social network 'Google Plus' is off?

Google's social network 'Google Plus' is off?

Google’s social network ‘Google Plus’ is off, Google’s social network ‘Google plus’ has closed since the morning. Google has also closed its Email app inbox. This information was given by sending the notification to the user. Google Plus was opened in 2011 for the purpose of challenging Facebook and Twitter. It could be used in other social networks such as photos and textures. However, the user did not like it since the beginning. More data on it was stolen on it, and Google announced closing Google Plus. Google does not have the right to protect it earlier. A rule that has to be a Google plus account was created to write a response to YouTube. Additionally, it was banned to nickname in Google Plus. A provision for closing Gmail was violated if this rule was violated. However, it did not appear to be a user’s interest and also did not get rid of criticism. So Google concluded the closing conclusion. About one dozens of Google’s services have failed. Services including Google Buzz, Google Dictionary, Google Labs, Picnic, JAC, Google Reader, Orkut, Picasa, Chromebook Pixel, Google Allo are closed.

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