How does the pubg gameplay harm to health?

How does the pubg gameplay the harm to health?. The most popular game pubg effect in our health, less amount of people know that the pubg gameplay effect on our health. when we find the mobile phone we search for the pubg on any smartphone. The game has its own terms and limits. Sports has its own importance. Especially outdoor games provide great help in physical, mental development. There are many benefits to it. As a competition, the spirit of development increases. Leadership capacity is developed. Unity and social emotion are created. but over gaming is also harmful to us it distract us from our goal. at the time of career-making youth are losing their time by playing pubg .

Pubg Side effect:

In one hand pubg popularity raising day by day, on the other hand, its effect on our brain and create a mental distraction. while playing this game, the youth have become so impatient that they have stopped thinking of their studies, workforce, and careers. Also, playing a game in one place is also showing serious problems in health.

PUBG After worsening the health:

after all pubg worsening the health of public and youth the producers of the game decided to scheduled for 6 hours for this. This means that no player can play games for more than 6 hours now. Health notification will come for 6 hours. Then the game will be closed automatically.

People experience While playing pubg

A 24-year-old youth has shared how he affects his health while playing this game. According to him, PUBG creates a terrible health problem. He said that the mental effects should be due to the game as offensive. He also expressed his desire to develop a similar trend in the same manner as sporting violence. The eyes had a problem while playing a mile while sitting in one place. At the same time, the problem was seen in the neck and the hand. Another problem is insomnia. Their sleep is broken due to the game. Sleep is not regular and deep. Another young person says that while playing for 6 to 7 hours of a day, he spoiled his health. He has a headache problem now. He also felt that the eyes are weak. He has forgotten his daily work, and his studies in order to play PUBG.

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