How to make money online in Nepal?

How to make money online in Nepal

How to make money online in Nepal

Everybody wants to earn money from home. Today in this article we are going to know how we can make money online in Nepal. In the case of other countries, there are many thousands of the way to make money online but in the case of Nepal, there is some legit way to make money online. Are you spending an hour of time on the internet?. Are you bored from office?  Are you student then the online job is best for you. Here we discuss some legit way to earn money online in Nepal.

  1. Youtube


Youtube is one of the best platforms to make passive income in Nepal. Once you make the video it gives you evergreen passive income. It is free of cost so, you don’t need to invest any money from pocket. Let’s go to the youtube and make your own channel and be your own boss.

Why youtube is good?

  1. It is free of cost
  2. It gives passive income

Why youtube is bad?

  1. If you cannot be able to rank then you cannot get any money.
  2. To eligible for monetizing you should complete the Adsense program criteria

Basically, youtube is not bad if you work hard then success is in your hand.there are some profitable niches like tech, health, and fitness, vlog, fashion, movies review, affiliate marketing, movies, and song cover and many more. There is another method to earn in youtube is advertisement gain subscriber build your own brand and promote the service and offer. You can also do sponsorship on youtube to earn huge money from youtube. Nothing Is impossible. If once you met the Adsense program criteria you will be able to earn $ from Nepal.

  1. Blogging


The blogging term is famous all over the world. You can do blogging, if have some knowledge on a particular topic, first choose one of your favorite topics then go to create your free blog insert some valuable content on it. Monetize your blog with Google Adsense or any add company show their add on it and make a passive and huge amount of money online. Impatient in the online field may lead you to fail to be patient and update regular valuable content. After serval month even 1 year, you can able to make passive money from it.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best sources to make money online in Nepal. In affiliate marketing, you have to join one affiliate program.  then choose your product or service and promote them. Remember, you have a huge traffic source to do affiliate marketing. You have a blog, youtube channel that already ranked on google youtube, you can make insane money from it. In affiliate marketing, you have to send traffic to the particular link, you have to make lead to that product. If you don’t have a blog or landing page you can make landing page on blogger and WordPress too. First, we choose the product and write some about that product, create a landing page rank it. Drive the traffic on that product if the affiliate is CPA(cost per action) based or any type you get paid.

Here is the best affiliates program Amazon  affiliate, flip card,

  1. Freelancing

It is also one of the best sources for making passive money from home. If you have any technical knowledge or any types of technical work that you can do perfectly. You can choose to freelance as the carrier too. To start freelancing search website like Fiverr work,, etc. Then create your account there. Tell them what service is going to provide them. Provide the service charge your own rate and earn money online. It sounds good “do freelancing and earn money”. But you have high skills on it and also satisfied the user and get rank your gig. Unless you did not rank you won’t able to make money from it.

  1. Cpa Marketing

cpa marketing
CPA marketing

This is also a simple method to earn money online. It is free of cost. In this marketing, you have to drive traffic on a particular link. You have to drive specific traffic to a specific link and complete the surveys if anyone do that you get paid. If you have high traffic on your blog you can do content locking, if you have high traffic on your youtube channel then you do video locking, or you have any types of downloading  site you can do  file locking, by doing this you send the traffic on that surveys if they fill up the surveys you get paid.

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