Loksewa computer operator Fundamental questions(Part 1)

Loksewa computer operator

Loksewa computer operator

Loksewa computer operator Fundamental questions:

Here, In this article, we are going to Write some Loksewa computer operator Fundamental questions which are asked in the Loksewa Aayog examination of computer operator and Assistant(Shayak) computer operator.

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1. In which generation transistor is used?

A. The First generation of computer           C. Third Generation of computer

B. The second generation of computer       D. Fourth Generation computer

2. Following the which, device Cannot Share in the network?

A. Floppy                                                           B. Keyboard

C. Computer                                                     D. Printer

3. Which port Doesn’t Exist in the computer?

A. USB                                                                B. Parallel

C. COM1/2                                                         D.  No one of the Above

4. 1 Nibble Contain how many Bit?

A. 8 bits                                                               B. 3 bits

C. 1 Byte                                                              D. 4 bits

5. Which Device Will Process Data?

A. RAM                                                               B. CPU

C. Hard Disk                                                      D. None

6. Data Store In…….

A. Floppy                                                             B. Hard Disk

C. Tape                                                                 D. All of Above

7. One nanosecond means

A. 10-6                                                                   B. 10-12

C.10-9                                                                    D. 10-15

8. The decimal Equivalent of binary (1011) is

A. 13                                                                         B. 10

C. 11                                                                         D.   14

9. The scanner is the ……….. device of the computer?

A. Input                                                                  B. Output

C. Processing                                                           D. Input/output

10. What is the name is given to the first generation of the computer Langauge?

A. Binary Langauge                                                B. Machine language

C. Primary Langauge                                             D.   Natural Langauge

11. Compiler and interpreter are themselves as the………?

A. Hardware                                                           B. Program

C. Virus                                                                    D. None of the above

12. Which of the following is the mass storage device?

A. CDROM                                                               B. Hard disk

C.  Tape                                                                    D. None of the above 

13. The keys on the keyboard which may be programmed to do a special task?

A. Function keys                                                     B. Navigation keys

C. Arrow keys                                                          D. Numeric keys

14. UNIVAC belong to

A. Third Generation computer                            B. Fourth Generation computer

C. First Generation computer and Second        D. Fifth Generation Computer

15. How can you protect your computer from sudden power failure?

A. Using Stabilizer                                                  B. Ups

C. Volt Guard                                                           D. Generator

16.  Which of the following is the major Characteristics of the computer?

A. Diligent                                                                  B.  Automatic

C. Non-intelligent                                                    D. All of the above

17. The speed of the CPU is measured in……

A. MBPS                                                                     B. MHZ

C. Microsecond                                                         D. Mbytes

18. Cache Memory

A. Store Data Permanently                                     B. Holds Last time Visited Website only

C. Helps to store more data in hard disk             D.  Placed between the Main memory and microprocessor

19. To receive and send email Your computer should have:

A. Sound Card                                                            B. AGP card

C. Modem                                                                D. All of the above

20. An electronic device that accepts,  processed the data and control over the activities during the processing is called:

A. Input device                                                           B. Output device

C.   Computer                                                        D. Operating system

21. The data and program store  permanently in the:

A. RAM                                                                      B. Secondary storage device

C.  CPU                                                                       D. Primary Storage

22. Which of the following is not a hardware component:

A. Input devices                                                       B. Operating system

C. Processer                                                              D.   Secondary storage devices

23. Which of the following is the output device?

A. keyboard                                                               B. Mouse

C. Speaker                                                                  D. Micro

Quiz for practice


#1 What is the shortcut key for row hide?

#2 What is the function of recycle bin?

#3 In which os can you give the smallest file name?

#4 Which will be the title in words to save summary(status)?

#5 Which is the search engine?

#6 What will do by filter?

#7 Which one of the following is fastest?

#8 Which of the drop down List?

#9 What is the shortcut key for superscript?

#10 How many sheets in excel?

#11 What is the function of folder?

#12 What is function of network Neighbourhood ?

#13 Which command doesn’t exist in DOS?

#14 Which command is not an internal command?

#15 Which is the latest version of MS-WORD?

#16 What is the function of radio buttons?

#17 What happen when selecting record pressing delete key?

#18 How do you connect internet into your system?

#19 What is the name of EXCEL file?

#20 Which is the function of relationship?

#21 OLE means?

#22 In which generation transistor used?

#23 1 Nibble contain …… bit?

#24 Number increment is done by:

#25 Which device Cannot share In network?

#26 What is the purpose of Query?

#27 Which port doesn’t Exist in computer?

#28 Outline view is used to:

#29 Database Utility exist in ….. menu?

#30 After copying how many times can you paste the content?

#31 What is the function of Workspace?

#32 In which Object SQL in used?

#33 Workgroup means:

#34 Synonym can review with:

#35 Which device will process data?

#36 In which data will be Erased as power supply is off?

#37 What operation is not permitted by query?

#38 Which is not related with database?

#39 Data store in:

#40 Which flies are most essential in every computer?

#41 Paper orientation can be changed from:

#42 Category Written in:

#43 What is there in record?

#44 Which is the web browser?

#45 What is the full form of ISP?

#46 What happen when you cut in excel?

#47 What should you used to create newspaper style?

#48 Which data type doesn’t exist in access?

#49 Which command is used to create a directory?

#50 The device that gives us soft copy output?


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