Microsoft office Question for computer operator (psc)

computer operator Microsoft office Important Question

computer operator Microsoft office Important Question

Microsoft office Question for Computer operator 

Hey, friends today we are going to Learn about Microsoft office Question For PSC Computer Operator examination. These questions Are very much useful if you are going to the Preparation of a computer operator and assistant computer operator.

1. Thesaurus tool in ms-word is used for:

  1. Spelling suggestion
  2. Synonyms and antonyms words
  3. Grammar options
  4. All of the above

2. How many columns can you insert in a word document?

  1. 40
  2. 45
  3. 50
  4. 63

3. What is the smallest and largest font size available in font size tool on formatting toolbar?

  1. 8 and 72
  2. 8 and 68
  3. 6 and 72
  4. 6 and 68

4. In ms-word, For what ruler is used:

  1.  For Set tabs
  2. To set indents
  3. To change page margin
  4. All of the above

 5. By default, on which page the header and footer are printed?

  1.  In the first page
  2. On alternative page
  3. On every Page
  4. None of the above

6. Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph?

  1. Down cursor key
  2. Enter key
  3. Shift+enter
  4. Ctrl+Enter

7. What is the shortcut key to find and replace the text?

  1. CTRL+F
  2. CTRL+H
  3. CTRL+A
  4. A and B 

8. When sharing data in the office, the source document is the document in which the data was first entered?

  1. Source
  2. Destination
  3. Original
  4. Primary

9. When you typing in the word field manually, What must you press to insert codes braces?

  1. CTRL+F6
  2. CTRL+F9
  3. CTRL+F11
  4. CTRL+F12

10. Which of the following office feature that makes it easy to edit the embedded objects?

  1. Pasting
  2. Visual editing
  3. Tools, update, Links
  4. Edit links

11. Which of the following can be used to divide a webpage into areas?

  1. Frames
  2. Hyperlinks
  3. Theme
  4. Tables of content

12. Which feature of the ms-word allows you to send the same letter to different people?

  1. Database management
  2. Mail merge
  3. Form letters
  4. Document formatting

13. Before creating a master document, you must switch to:

  1. Normal view
  2. Outline view
  3. Web layout view
  4. Print layout view

14. Footnotes, endnotes, and indexes are all inserted as……….?

  2. Cross-references
  3. Hyperlinking
  4. Word fields

15. Using find command we can search:

  1. Character
  2. Formats
  3. Symbols
  4. All of the above

16. MS-word automatically moves the text to the next line text When it reaches the right edge of the screen?

  1. Carriage return
  2. Word wrap
  3. Enter
  4. None of the above

17. Selecting text means, Selecting :

  1. A word
  2. A sentence
  3. Whole document
  4. Any of the above

18. Number increment is done by 

  1. Auto-number
  2. Auto Increment
  3. Cad Auto
  4. Auto increase

19. OLE menus

  1. Open linking and embedding
  2. Object Linking and embedding
  3. Objective linking and embedding
  4. Open link and end

20. Outline view is used to

  1. Show chapters heading
  2. To show heading
  3. Showing content
  4. All of the above

21. Which shortcut key is used to column break?

  2. ENTER

22. Notepad is used for

  1. Data processing
  2. Word processor
  3. Graphics
  4. Text editor

23. Which file format is supported to all programs?

  1. .DOC
  2. .MDB
  3. .RTF
  4. ALL

24. Different page number at different section:

  1. Insert→page number dialog box
  2. Insert→page number format dialog box
  3. Insert→ page number
  4. None of the above

25. The shortcut key for re-doing formatting?

  1. CTRL+W
  2. CTRL+Y
  3. CTRL+Q
  4. CTRL+U

26. To create the table in Ms word:

  1. Tools →table
  2. Tools → insert table
  3. Table→ insert table
  4. None of the above

27. How many steps are there to create a form letter?

  1. 4
  2. 3
  3. 1
  4. 2

28. Which option provides User to create separate document format or layouts? 

  1. Create a section break
  2. A page break
  3. Column break
  4. Text wrapping

29. Indentation is the 

  1. Left margin
  2. Right margin
  3. Left space of a paragraph
  4. Top

30. To decrease the space of character?

  1. Kerning
  2. Expanding
  3. Condensing
  4. All of the above

31. The mail merge combines the ……..?

  1. Main document and data source                                                                       added
  2. Letter and envelope
  3. Data field  and data source
  4. None of the above

32. The function of the format painter is:

  1. Auto Formatting document
  2. Apply Format
  3. Alignment of text
  4. None of the above

33. Which of the following is not paragraph formatting?

  1. Boldface
  2. Alignment
  3. Indenting
  4. Line Spacing

34. Which enables you to move directly to a specific location in a document?

  1. Subdocuments
  2. Cross-references
  3. Objects
  4. Word fields  

35. Graphics for a word processor?

  1. Peripheral
  2. Clip-art
  3. Highlight
  4. Execute

36. What is the Extension of files created in ms word 97-2003?

  1. .DOT
  2. .DOC
  3. .TXT
  4. .DOM

37. In Microsoft Word shortcut key ctrl+w is used for:

  1.  Open a print dialogue box
  2. Update the current web page
  3. Close the current window
  4. None of the above

38. In ms-word to move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word command used is:

  4. None of the above

39. Macros are:

  1. Small programs created in MS-word to automate repetitive tasks by using VBA
  2. Small add-on programs that are installed afterward if you need them
  3. The programming language that you can use to customize MS-word
  4. Large tool in the word such as mail merge

40. What is the gutter margin?

  1. The margin that is added to the left margin when printing
  2. The margin that is added to the right  margin when printing
  3. A margin that is added to the binding side of the page when printing
  4. A margin that is added to the Outside of the page when printing.

41. What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character:

  1. 163
  2. 1638
  3. 16038

42. On the excel sheet, the active cell is indicated by:

  1. A dotted border
  2. A dark wide border
  3. A blinking border
  4. By italic text

43. How can we review a cell comment?

  1. Position the mouse pointer over the cell
  2. Click the comment command on the view menu
  3. Click the edit comment commands on the Insert menu
  4. Click the display comment command on the windows menu

44. Which of the following is true when you insert an Excel Worksheet into a word document? 

  1. Word is the destination document
  2. Excel is the destination document
  3. The worksheet is the destination document
  4.  The document is the source document

46. What would you do when you want to update the data in an embedded Worksheet Range?

  1. Double click on the worksheet range object
  2. Right-click worksheet range object and choose format object
  3. Edit the data in the destination document
  4. Edit the data in the source document

47. Selecting something in the screen

  1. Choosing
  2. Highlighting
  3. Bold
  4. Italic

48. To insert system date and time in a document:

  1. CTRL+A
  2. SHIFT+:
  3. CTRL+B

49. By default you document prints with;

  1. 1 inch top  and button margins
  2. A portrait orientation
  3. 1.25-inch left-right margins
  4. All of the above

50. Switching Between portrait and landscape models involves in:

  1. Header and footer toolbar
  2. Print layout view
  3. Page setup dialog box
  4. None of the above

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