Tiktok downloaded more than 150 times than Instagram 

Tiktok downloaded more than 150 times than Instagram. The Social Video Sharing app tick has been downloaded one billion more times. In 2018, it was downloaded 66 million times more when Instagram has downloaded 44 million times.

n the same period of time, the Social Media Company Facebook app has been downloaded 71 million times. According to the report, January 7, 2014, the new user downloaded various tickets for various versions of IOS and Android App Store. This figure is 2.6 times higher than January 2018.

On December 7, Byte Dance bought the music video app musician at $ 1 billion. After the collapse of two applications, during the year 2018, the ticket became very popular. Following the tick, Facebook launched its funeral video app by Lasso. But it was not successful. Not only this, in September 2018, Snapachat launches a feature named Lens Challenge. This feature lets users share lip syncing videos like tick-ins.

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