What is the WordPress plugin, how to use it?

What is the WordPress plugin

What is the WordPress plugin

What is the WordPress plugin, how to use it?

First, we know about the plugin

What is the plugin?

A plugin is the set of program that is installed on the particular program for a particular task. If your website is on WordPress you must know about it. Specially, In WordPress, it plays a huge role. These are written in PHP computer programming languages. There are millions of plugin in WordPress but There is the best plugin in the WordPress directory. If You are not familiar with programming language then plugin helps you a lot.

What is WordPress plugin?

let us know about the WordPress plugins. plugins mean a set of program that does a particular task on the program as the same they are also used to extend or add a new feature to your website/blog. plugins help to extend the feature of your blog or website. There are millions of free and premium plugin. through your admin panel, you can control your plugins. if you are in WordPress then follow these steps to install your plugin:

1. First, you have to login your admin panelWhat is the WordPress plugin

2. After this, you can able to see like this in your dashboard as like in the above picture in the left side of your dashboard you can see there is the option of the plugin, installed plugins, plugin editor.

3. Then click on add new button to add the new plugin. after clicking you can see like thisWhat is the WordPress plugin

4. like in the above picture you can see in the right side there is the option to search your desireable plugins. then simply enter your keyword and hit search.

5. After that choose your desirable plugin and click on install Now after some time it will install and after that simply click on Active

After installing and activating you can able to change or modify the setting in the plugin.  The plugin helps you to create any types of the website as an online shopping store, Answer question site, or any other website as you like.

How to use it?

You can use these WordPress plugins as you like. don’t install all of the plugins at once, it may cause your website slow. if you want to know the best and essential plugin for WordPress you can read this article 10 WordPress plugin should use by Nepali bloggers?

Note: if you are in WordPress.com you won’t able to install and take advantage of WordPress plugin. So, in order to use the plugin, you should buy hosting and upgrade in WordPress.org


This is an article about the WordPress plugins that are used in WordPress. if you like to share and if you have any doubt leave a comment in the comment section.

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